Pre-Post Tours  

Whether the destination for your convention, congress, or incentive trip is the capital city of Guatemala, La Antigua Guatemala or Péten, the country offers the attendants of the events a variety of touristic journeys that will a great experience. Seven perfectly structured regions, visited by thousands of tourists, are available for meeting attendants and their companions to enjoy.

In these Guatemalan areas, the delegates, as well as their accompanying guests, will enjoy, among others, the following activities:

Sporting Tourism

There are many types of sports that can be practiced in Guatemala such as golf, rafting, cycling, riding, sport fishing, surfing, diving, extreme sports and motorcycling.


Modern shopping malls, markets, handcraft stores, and prestigious boutiques are an excellent alternative for the visitors, where they will be able to acquire colorful textiles made by hand, silver and jade jewelry all the way to prestigious brands in clothing and accessories.

Communitarian Tourism

Guatemala is a multiethnic, multicultural, and multilingual country, with spectacular natural and cultural resources that make it a whole experience to live.  It allows the visitor to be part of the original lifestyles of the communities through their culture, traditions, languages, rituals and their ways of life that have their origins in the 23 ethnic groups that live in the country.


Guatemala offers adventure tourism that combines physical activities with the view of unique landscapes. You can walk through paths across the tropical jungle, explore mysterious caves, camp in the wild, sail through the rough waters of the rivers of the Verapaces, climb volcanoes of any degree of difficulty, or practice free fall.


Guatemala reports 720 bird species from which at least 150 are native of the regions.  The birdwatching is an activity that has increased simultaneously with the preoccupation and consciousness to preserve the natural resources and biodiversity of the territory. It constitutes an excellent visiting alternative for the attendants and their companions.

Health and Wellness Tourism

During the development of your event, after or before it, you and your companions will be able to enjoy some of the following services: steam baths, sulphured baths, therapeutic massages, coffee and cocoa treatments, mud therapy, and many others.

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